Since 2010 I have been allowing anyone to request a personal letter and a polaroid from me. Each letter is unique and written to the requests of the recipient. I include an original Polaroid photo with each letter. It's a one-of-a-kind piece of art just for you (or the person you request it for).

Request a Letter & a Polaroid

A Personal Letter & a Polaroid

May I write you a letter? A dirty letter (my favorite), a love letter, a letter full of advice, a letter filled with nonsense. Any letter you desire. Please let me write it. I will write it on the softest paper with my own unsteady hand. Along with your letter, you will also receive a carefully curated polaroid I've taken. This will be your very own, completely original Balthazar polaroid, signed and dated. Curious about what to expect? Check out some responses to my project.

Why would you want a letter from me? Why would you pay for a letter? If you are puzzling over those questions this may not be for you. Most of the work I produce is for a wider audience, but my letters are for an audience of one: you. That's what makes them the favorite thing that I do. The letter and the polaroid are each one-of-a-kind artifacts that can't be reproduced. And they are for you from me. You can also request them for someone else as a gift and I can only imagine (and hope) that it will be one of the most unique gifts they ever receive.

Since these are each original works created just for you they do take some time. Generally they take at least two weeks for me to finish each letter and send it out. If you need something faster please inquire to see if it will be possible.

Request a Letter

Interested in a letter, but want to ask some questions first? Let's talk!

Curious about what the process of writing a letter looks like? Take a look...

Have a peek at some of the polaroids and envelopes I've sent out (the letters themselves I keep secret)