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What We Do

We believe that portrait sittings shouldn't be about "sitting" or forced poses.  We want to capture the life you live when no one's looking. The life you dream about. 

We are creators, curators, and collaborators. 

We love to make beautiful things, compelling things.  We love to create images that you look at a thousand times and love to share. 

We love finding beauty in unusual places. 

We're 100% professional. We're 0% boring

We want to work with you to make something special happen.

Our Specialties

Like you, we don't want to be put in boxes, but here are the types of shoots we commonly do:

Want to hire us to shoot something else? We're all ears...

We believe in  providing only the highest quality work.  If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

Anyone can take nice pictures for you. We are here to provide you with images that will inspire you for the rest of your life, long after they have been buried under a cascade of new photos on Facebook.

We are committed to providing a fair price for the work we do. You may find a few people who would do it for less, but you will find many more who would charge more.



To us, each project is unique and custom. We don't want to shoot you just like we shot the last person. For this reason, pricing will vary depending on your needs, but here is a general guidebook for how much we charge:

  • One hour shoot: $300
  • Two hour shoot: $500
  • Half day shoot: $1,000
  • Full day shoot: $1,750

Let's talk about your dreams and needs and then we can deliver a detailed custom quote for you.

We are located in Brooklyn, NY, but will go just about anywhere if the project is right.