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This was my chance

It feels like New Orleans has settled over New York for the past week. The languorous, swampy heat. The other night I was listening to The Last Waltz and "Such a Night" with Dr. John came on. He's a national treasure, music personified, and you should listen to this song and see what happens to you.

And while you're listening and giving thanks for these sounds, I'd like to show you another treasure, someone else with a New Orleans soul, someone else who can conjure a kind of magic, someone else you'll give thanks for. He's a doctor, she's royalty, and they both can heal us in ways that we need.

This is your chance.

Such a Night
It’s such a night
Sweet confusion under the moonlight.

Such a night
Such a night
To steal away, the time is right.

Your eyes met mine
At a glance
You let me know
This was my chance.
— Dr. John
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by Balthazar Simões