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That's all a secret

Dear friends,

Before I send each letter and polaroid out I scan them. It's a way of hanging on while I let go. Occasionally I revisit them to remember what I wrote to someone, to blush at what I said, to revisit the feelings I was having as I wrote it. But I never share those letters here. I don't think I ever will. They feel like secrets that I want to cherish for now. 

What I am sharing here are the smallest peeks, the tiniest whispers. You can see the envelope, but not the letter. You can see the polaroid and the title I've given it, but have no idea why it's called that or why I sent it to this particular person. That's all a secret.



8 November 2012

Yes, You Are My Poem

27 December 2012

Think about What Dirty Secrets Are Hidden in These Memories

13 February 2013

Each Touch Holds Such Possibility

23 February 2013

The One Adjacent

A Personal Letter & a Polaroid
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by Balthazar Simões