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An Intimate Reading: Will you help me create a new series?


A free
letter + polaroid
hand-delivered to you!


Do you live in NYC or plan to visit? Please read on!

I've been sending out letters + polaroids for a couple years now and it remains the project dearest to me. Building on that, I'd like to create a series that explores the intimacy of letters. Specifically, I want to personally deliver the letters and photograph people as they open and read my letter for the first time. Anyone who is able to participate will get a free letter + polaroid.

How will this work? 

I will be soliciting participants on an ongoing basis until I feel that I have enough photos to create a compelling series. Anyone who participates will be able to request a letter + polaroid at no charge and we will schedule a date to do the shoot. On the day of the shoot I will give the person the letter I've written to them and then will photograph them as they open and read it. 

What do I need to do if I decide to participate?

Good question. The main thing I will ask from you is that you are as open to the experience as you are comfortable being. I really want people to request the kind of letter they would truly like. I want you to be genuine. It could be a dirty letter, a sweet letter, a silly letter, or any kind of letter you desire. During the shoot you can wear anything you'd like, I'd just ask that you keep in mind the intimate nature of reading a letter. If you feel comfortable reading the letter in your underwear that would be ideal, but is not required.

Do you live in NYC or are you planning to visit? Let's chat.

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by Balthazar Simões