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Maybe you like pretty, dirty things that you can touch, too


I get tired of ethereal photos. I need photos I can touch. To cover my walls with them. To flip through them in bed at night.

Maybe you like pretty, dirty things that you can touch, too. It’s for people like you and me that I’ve started a new service.

Dirty photos in the mail

What is this?

It’s a subscription service for you to receive real photographs in the mail. Real photographs in real envelopes mailed to your door once a month!

Why would I want you to send me dirty pictures?

Because you have a lovely dirty side just like me and you like the thought of getting naughty secrets in the mail. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

How does this work?

Simple. You can sign up for a 6 month, 12 month, or recurring subscription. If you sign up for the recurring subscription you can cancel it at any time (even after just 1 month!). When you sign up you will able to send me some of your preferences so I don’t send you anything that doesn’t give you sexy feelings.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Some people think so:


I think you’ll like it, too. 

P.S. It’s super cheap at the moment ($5/month in the U.S., $6/month elsewhere). It probably won’t be that cheap for long, so, you know, get on it now

by Balthazar Simões