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desire satisfied dies, desire denied multiples

It happened again last week.  You always manage to highjack a dream just as your memory smudges into the far reaches of what I try to forget.  This time you showed up while I was trying to fit my car into a furniture store window. You shouted from the curb that you could help push.  I was so happy to see you, your face was open and full of happiness.  Once I was snugly onto the showroom carpet, I got out to kiss you, thinking it would be just sensational to feel you in your red dress and electric eel hair. But you walked away and I couldn’t find you. I was suddenly beat and broken. You were so close and I could have touched you and you got away because I was slow and stupid. I leapt from the window ledge onto an abandoned dining car and tried to break into it to see if they had any cookies when I heard you call me.  I leaned over and there you were, just the same.  You didn’t change into another dream person.  You were simply all my fancy and lust climbing toward me, without anxiety without pain without fear.   God, it was a week ago and I can still see you so clearly.  I can still feel the frisson that caused at the base of my skull… that I could see that look again. 

[Text by: SM Simões]

by Balthazar Simões