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Astronauts are cool people. When they’re not hanging out in space, they do things like discover arsenic-based bacterium here on earth! Anyway, my friend Rita J. King (super-smarty, creative explorer) recently made a speech at a TEDxNASA event. She discusses exciting projects like Loveland (I just became an inchvester this week and you should, too) and another artist friend Katelan Foisy (you can see Katelan all over my site from our recent shoot). Rita also talks about how through serendipity (or bad luck, perhaps?) she discovered my letter and Polaroid project and requested a letter. Folks, she talked about my letters in front of NASA. NASA! Let’s send a dirty letter to Mars. Let’s discover a life-form that subsists on letters written, on the chemical beauty of a Polaroid. I know they’re out there.

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by Balthazar Simões