This is my studio for exploring my work. Consider these drafts.

This Is How I Say Goodbye

If only it were true that summer could last all year with you. That our lust would bloom and green and grow. That the wind was my breath in your hair and the sun pulsed my touch.  But you hated how the water goes still and the days cannot dance from one to the next.  That the saudade sneaks in and steals your heart.  You put this in my pocket one day in October and disappeared.  This is how you said goodbye.

(Text: SM Simões)

This is one of the many dear Polaroids that I’ve parted with and sent away across the sea. It’s not always easy to say goodbye to them, but I know that they will be in good hands. Request your own and make me say more goodbyes.

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by Balthazar Simões