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I am curious about hidden things: people’s inner lives, their secrets, their bodies. I’ve been a monk, a budding medievalist, a writer, and a photographer. For the past 5 years photography, both  film and digital, has been my primary medium.


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My work has taken me to very private, secret places.

The Elk Hotel, the last hourly hotel in Times Square (now no more), was simultaneously bare and heavy with stories. It took her days to get the words of his poem off her body. 

My method is simply this: being interested in the person.

My goal is not only a beautiful photo, but to uncover some part of a person that is usually hidden. My work is personal.


Some of my work might be classified as explicit, but I  find innocence in it.

For the majority of my work I photograph friends and what they share is unposed, candid, vulnerable. I sit with them in the hopes of making the camera disappear.


Color is central to how I understand people.

I occasionally photograph in black and white, but I primarily use color because colors are a hermeneutic for reading people and memories for me.

Letter writing project

Since 2010 I have been allowing anyone to request a personal letter and a polaroid from me. Each letter is unique and written to the desires of the recipient. I include an original polaroid photo with each letter. I’ve now written and sent out hundreds of letters and polaroids. They are my most personal work because they are created for one specific person.

Summer Attachment



One of my letters, “Letter to Emiel,” was included in BAX 2015: Best American Experimental Writing (Wesleyan). You can see it as it was first published here

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